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Digital Signature in layman term, is your bio-metric information stored in a device (known as token) using software. Digital signature is used to authenticate online or soft documents or forms.

Types/Categories of Digital Signature Certificates:

  1. Class 1 – Used for Demo
  2. Class 2- Used in most of works
  3. Class 3- Used in e-tender, trademark and patent filing

What is Validity of Digital Signature Certificates?

Digital signatures come with 1 or 2 years validity.

Now, lets put meaning of some terms used in Digital Signature in legal terminology:

What is Digital Certificate?

A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is a protected computerized key that guarantees the personality of the holder, issued by a Certifying Authority (CA). It normally contains your character (name, email, nation, APNIC account name and your open key). Computerized Certificates utilize Public Key Infrastructure meaning information that has been carefully marked or encoded by a private key must be unscrambled by its relating open key. A computerized authentication is an electronic “charge card” that sets up your qualifications while working together or different exchanges on the Web.

What is Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate?

Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate is most normal and famous write which is for the most part utilized as a part of e-documenting of ITR , e-recording of ROC/MCA , Form 16/16A Signing. EPFO likewise order the Use of Class 2 or Class 3 Digital Signature for online accommodation of exchange claims.

What are Class 3 Digital Signature Certificates ?

Class 3 Digital Signature essentially partitioned by necessity of different e-Governance stages. Class 3 DSC comes in “Marking” and “Encryption” Certificates. Client can pick Signing ONLY Certificate or Encryption Certificate in light of their prerequisite. Presently next Question will be : What is the Difference between two ?. Marking Certificates fundamentally used to Map with Users Login, Signing of Documents on Different e-Tendering Platforms, though Encryption Certificate is primarily used to secure the classified documents.A User can get the two Certificates yet can not get ONLY Encryption Certificate without Signing Certificate.

Who can acquire Class 3 Digital Signature Certificates ?

Any Individual OR Company Authorized User can get Class 3 DSC. An Individual Person requires his ID and Address Proof alongside a Dully Complete Application Form to acquire Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate. Then again, Company Authorized User need to present Company’s authoritative archives like Company PAN Card, Company Registration Certificate, List of Partners or Directors, Authorization Letter for Applicant other than his individual ID and Address Proof. In the two Cases, Applicant needs to introduce himself in RA or CA Office to confirm his physical nearness. Any Individual or Company who is hoping to partake in e-Tendering or e-Procurement Process OR willing to do e-recording of Trademark and Patent Applications OR any IRCTC Agent who is hoping to get Authorize from Principle IRCTC Agent to book e-Tickets can get Class 3 Digital Signature Certificates.

Renewal/Updation of Digital Signature Certificate?

Renewal/Updation Your Digital Signature Certificate Class 2, Digital Signature Certificate Class 3 and Digital Signature Certificate for DGFT Renew your current Digital Signature Certificate for 1 Years or 2 Years Validity and make the most of your work. Reestablishment procedure of DSC is simple and less time taking. For Renewal of DSC, you need a Class 2, Class 3 and DGFT Digital Signature Certificate.

For Renewal , following things ought to be needed : –

The renewal might be select of the eToken. On the off chance that you have not secured the eToken last time, you might need to do as such at this point.

Restoration might be given to a similar name as it were. Any adjustment in the name should be considered as a new case and prepared as needs be.

You should be permitted to change the email, postal address and the telephone number if required.

Restoration application must be submitted to us 7 days before Expiry Date of Your Existing DSC.